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Floor Care Equipment Podcasts

Cleaning Facilities In The Aftermath Of A Hurricane

Twelve Tips To Selecting Floor Equipment

Questions To Ask Before Cleaning Floors

Defining Hard Floor Types

Know The Flooring Type Before Janitors Start Cleaning

Repairing Worn And Damaged Ceramic Tiles

Identifying Different Floor Types

Difference Between Stripping And Scrubbing Floors

Trouble Shooting Floor Stripping

Steps To Stripping VCT Floors

Key Aspects Of Stripping Floors

Understanding Equipment Prior To Purchasing

Equipment Recommendations

Working Carefully Around VAT Floors

Controlling Mastic Seeping Through VCT

Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

Alternatives To Buying Expensive Equipment

Abiding By The Cleaning Specs

Desired Results When Stripping Floors

Results Of Burnishing Dirty Wax

Advice For Fixing A Damaged Floor

Clarifying Work Before Cleaning Begins

The Importance Of Equipment Training

Educating Customers On Proper Floor Appearance

Choosing The Right Equipment To Buy

Carpet Vs. Hard Floors

Floor Stripping Frequencies And What’s Needed

Adapting To Emerging Technology

Cleaning Up Marble At Home

Cleaning Polished Concrete Floors In Grocery Stores

Streamline Cleaning In The Restroom

Steps in Applying Floor Finish

Eight Ways To Improve Floor Finishing

Burn Spots on VCT

Bowl Acid and Chrome Fixtures

Waxing Ceramic Tile Floors

Cleaning An Asbestos Floor In A School

Choosing The Right Mop Handle

Tools That Benefit Front-Line Custodians

Cleaning Products That Improve Productivity

Know Your Cleaning Fundamentals

New Cleaning Equipment Boosts Janitor Productivity

Streamlining Purchasing And Partnering With Distributors

Hidden Hurdles Of Subcontracting

Reading The Fine Print On Subcontracting Agreements

Challenges Facing BSCs And How Distributors Can Help

Signage To Help Prevent Slips And Falls

Signage To Help Prevent Slips And Falls

The Cost Of Slips, Trips and Falls

The Janitor’s Role In Reducing Slips, Trips And Falls

Cleaning Tips – Interview Points

Set Goals For An Outside Trainer

Be Prepared Before A Hired Trainer Arrives

Restoring Flooring After Being Damaged

How To Create Shiny Floors

HEPA Filtration And Microfiber Will Improve Dust Control

Foodservice Touchpoints That Need Frequent Sanitizing

Rinse Floors With A Neutralizer Before Applying Finish

Using Distributors As Training Resource For Floor Maintenance

Tools And Supplies Needed For Stripping And Waxing

First In Bidding A Job - Determine Labor Costs

Proper Staffing And Training Can Improve Performance

Analyzing Custodial Work Can Lead To Performance Improvements

Renting Versus Owning Pressure Washing Equipment

Safety Suggestions When Using Pressure Washers

Proper Care and Use of Pressure Washers

Tips To Cleaning With Pressure Washers

Manager Mistakes To Avoid - Focusing On Training

Using Incentives Properly When Motivating Staff

Developing A Plan To Maintain Tile Floors

Developing A Plan To Maintain Tile Floors

Ceramic Tile Sealing Process Concerns

Using Matting Systems To Improve Cleanliness and Worker Productivity

Quick Fixes That Destroy Long-Term Productivity

Helpful Floor Stripping Tips

Managing An Operations Budget When Adding Staff

Cleaning Outside Will Benefit Entryways And Hallways

Vacuum Frequency For An Office Building

Proper Steps To Cleaning Restrooms

Restroom Cleaning Tips That Improve Perception

Back to the Basics: Cleaning A Restroom Correctly

Restoring Damaged Grout In Restrooms

Cleaning To Contract Specifications Don't Always Equal Great Results

Floor Finishing Advice For Aging Surfaces

Tip To Applying Floor Finish To VCT

When Not to Apply Floor Finish

Overcome Challenges To Stripping Old VCT Floors

Keep Track Of Cleaning Specs

Avoid Using "As Needed" On Cleaning Contracts

Benefits Of Communicating With And Monitoring Staff

Scrubbing Marble Floors

Picking Equipment And Chemicals For Cleaning Marble Floors

Post-construction Cleanup Of Marble Floors

Office Construction Will Increase Cleaning Needs

Tips To Workloading And Identifying Cleaning Times

Shifting From High-Gloss To Matte Finish

Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning

The Cost Of Sharing Cleaning Equipment Across Multiple Accounts

Tips For Purchasing Floor Cleaning Equipment

How To Tell If Your Cleaning Equipment Is Making You Money

Running A Cleaning Company Takes Bookkeeping Prowess

Help With Pricing Granite Floor Care

Productivity and Profit Margins

Training Staff To Be Productive And Efficient

Calculating Floor Care Cleaning Times

Proper Care of VCT Flooring

Floor Care Q&A - Tips For Success

Factors To Choosing The Best Floor Care Chemicals

Pricing Carpet And Window Cleaning

Temperature And Agitation Affect Cleaning Effectiveness

Proper Length And Cleaning For Matting

What It Takes To Be A Cleaning Consultant

Teaching Others How To Clean

Local Cleaning Events Are Cheap And Beneficial Learning Opportunities

Impact Of Advancements In Floor Equipment

Evolution Of Buffers, Burnishers And Other Technologies

Buffers, Burnishers and Other Technologies

Accurately Describing Cleaning Times

Find New Cleaning Business With Niche Services

Don't Weigh Down Cleaning Supervisors With Extraneous Tasks

Invest In Janitorial Supervisors With Outside Training And Education

All Positions In A Cleaning Company Affect The Janitorial Staff

Some Cleaning Chemicals And Floor Equipment Don't Mix

A Poorly Trained Janitor Can Do Significant Damage

Developing An Action Plan For Cleaning

Choosing Chemicals To Clean Sink Stains

Cleaning And Disinfecting Sink Stains

Determining A Standard For "Clean"

Re-pricing A Cleaning Contract

Coping With Cleaning Market Downturns

Most Common Janitor Injuries

Training Tips To Using Equipment

Training That Targets Worker Strengths And Weaknesses

Training Workers To Safely Use Equipment

Training Workers To Safely Use Equipment

Developing A Safety Training Program

Oscillating Machines Remove Floor Finish

Using Automatic Scrubbers To Remove Grit And Soil

Installing And Maintaining A Proper Matting System

Training Tips For Restoration Of A Hard Floor

Training Tips On Proper Use of Autoscrubbers

Training Tips For Maintaining Hard Floors

Periodic Cleaning Recommended For Restrooms

Restoring Granite Floors

Floor Care Tips For Granite Floors

Tips To Identify And Remove Soil From Carpet

Soil's Damage On Floors And Carpets

Preventing Tracked-In Soil With Proper Matting

Custodial Math And Determining Cleanable Space And Times

Steps To Maintaining Equipment

Steps To Maintaining Equipment

Developing Equipment Maintenance Check Lists

Developing Equipment Maintenance Check Lists

Determining And Using Cleaning Times

Cleaning Times That Work For You

Understanding Cleaning Time Standards

Testing Floors Prior to Cleaning

How To Treat Streaking and Slippery Floors

How To Fix and Clean Yellowing Floors

Supervision, Training and Managing

Prepping Floors For Finishes And Sealers

Using Green Floor Care Products Properly

Advice For Using Water-Based Strippers On Floors

Tips To Strip And Recoat Hard Floors

Hard Floor Care Basics - Heavy Regular Maintenance

The Five Steps of Light Floor Maintenance

Three Types of Dirt To Clean

Standardize Cleaning Products and Equipment For Simplicity

Stripping and Scrubbing Floors in High Traffic Hallways

Equipping Janitor Carts For Restroom Cleaning

Servicing Restrooms Safely

Choosing The Right Floor Mop For The Job

Narrowing Down And Purchasing The Right Floor Mops

Floor Care Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Using Improper Cleaning Terms Can Cause Surface Damage

Cleaning Ceramic and Quarry Tiles

Rotary Vs. Orbital Machines

Restroom Cleaning Productivity Tips

Equipment And Its Effect on ROI

Refurbishing Ceramic Tile in Restrooms

* Features of a Battery Backpack

* Recharging Strategy for Battery-Powered Equipment

* Is Battery Powered Equipment Faster?

* Cleaning Grout With Steam Vapor

* Combatting Urine Odors In Restrooms

* Restroom Cleaning Systems Save Time

* Clean Two Surfaces With One Machine

* Battery Options For Floor Equipment

* Floor Equipment: Ride Out The Old, Or Buy New?

* Autoscrubbers Getting Smaller

* Consider Value Proposition When Buying Floor Care Equipment

* Why Appearance Matters On A Janitorial Cart

* How Janitorial Carts Help Reduce Waste

* Janitorial Carts Integrate Ergonomics

* Vacuuming Hard Floors

* Cleaning Floors With Only Water

* Day Cleaning Floor Care Equipment

* Efficiencies With Floor Care Equipment

* Good IAQ Starts At the Door

* Restroom Equipment Maintenance

* How To Clean Using A Restroom Machine

* Cleaning With Steam

* Cleaning Restrooms At The Right Dilution

* Cleaning Machines vs. Traditional Methods

* Matting In Food Service

* The Message Is In The Mat

* Matting That Keeps You Going…And Going…

* Mats For Every Occasion

* Matting: Laying The Groundwork Outside Entrances

* Operator Safety For Ride-On Equipment

* Leasing Floor Care Equipment

* Floor Care Machine Maintenance

* Using Autoscrubbers To Clean Gym Floors

* Green Floor Care Equipment

* Minimizing Damage With Touch-Free Fixtures

* Vacuuming for health

* Chemical-Free Surface Cleaning

* Cleaning Floors With Steam Vapor

* Chemical-Free Floor Machines

* Custom Matting

* Safety First

* High-performance Matting Systems

* Winter Floor Care Prevention

* Proper Matting Maintenance

* Steam cleaning

* Battery-powered autoscrubbers

* Quiet floor equipment

* Automatic Floor Machines