In a prior article we discussed the dangers of using a stripper mix in the solution tank of an autoscrub unit. Once the tank has been contaminated, it could very easily damage other floors unless it has been through rinsed and neutralized. Most strippers concentrates have a pH of 1-11 but I have seen ones rated at 13.5.

Please remember that stripper (note its name) is designed to strip the floor of all resident finish and seals (water based of course). A "little stripper" in the autoscrub unit will at best soften the finish for a period of time, damage/diminish the shine/gloss and reduce the life of the product on the floor. At worst, it can actually strip up areas causing the finish to come up in patches.

The reason I recommend using a milder low pH (7.2-9) neutral type cleaner is to avoid damaging the floor finish. The right floor cleaner should have sufficient detergency to lift up any soils as well as deal with any oil-based soils on the floor. Remember that water and oil do not mix and a mild detergent can go a long ways in cleaning the floor without damaging the overall shine or durability of the finish.

Understanding the impact of pH and its impact is important to protect your floors. Your comments and questions are important. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean...

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