Tasking is an aspect of developing Job Cards where management conducts an exercise in identifying what tasks are to be performed and how often so that the expectations in the Statement of Work are fulfilled. Most performance based contracts describe the desired outcome (uniform glossy appearance free of scuffs, scratches and visible soil) and leave it up to the Building Service Contractor to decide how to accomplish the goals. 

A prescriptive contract will describe what is to be done and how often. Sometimes it will go to the point of requiring a certain type or brand of equipment thereby limiting productivity and quality outcomes. 

Although most contracts are a hybrid of performance and prescriptive wording, it is important that the BSC use tasking and Job Cards to provide a check list of what is to be performed. An example is that many areas of a regular office space do not need to be dusted every day to remain dust free. By using a well thought out Job Card, the dusting task can be scheduled often enough (once per week in a five day per week account) so that all flat surfaces are dusted thoroughly with a frequency that satisfies the customer and tenants. Would this weekly schedule work in a hospital patient room? The answer is no since virtually all surfaces must not only be dusted but disinfected to a much higher standard resulting in a higher frequency being required to fulfill the customer’s expectations. 

The preceding examples illustrate the need for management to think through the requirements and what tasks will be necessary to fulfill them. 

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