Floor pads are used on even floors such as terrazzo or vinyl tile, but when it comes to stripping uneven surfaces, such as concrete or tile, which has grout, it’s better to use a brush.

Brushes, like pads, come in a variety of options and they vary based on the type and amount of bristles used. The aggressiveness of the brush depends on the thickness of the bristles, which range from fine and soft to thick and stiff. For stripping floors, cleaning personnel should use a nylo-grit brush, which features nylon fibers impregnated with a carbide grit, as it is aggressive enough to lift floor wax and coating off a floor without damaging its surface.

Cleaning or scrubbing brushes feature either nylon or bassine bristles. These brushes are commonly recommended as they are less aggressive than stripping brushes.

One drawback to brushes is that they are way more expensive than floor pads and need to be cleaned after each use to remain in good condition. However, if taken care of properly, they are more than worth the investment.