When deciding to purchase a piece of floor equipment from a jan/san distributor, end users should consider the extra incentives that can be granted to them as part of a purchase agreement.

Whether we like it or not, every piece of floor machine is going to need to be serviced. And when a piece of floor equipment is out of commission, it can be devastating to a cleaning crew’s routine. To make matters worse, getting the piece of equipment serviced can take anywhere from a few days up until a month.

That’s where purchasing from the right distributor comes in. Some distributors offer free loaner machines in the event your machine breaks down, so make sure that when you purchase your equipment that you’ll be getting the satisfaction of knowing if you’re ever in a predicament where your machine does break down, your distributor is there to lend a replacement at no charge.

Sure, you may be paying a higher upfront cost to purchase the piece of equipment, but if the distributor is around to service the piece of equipment or at least offer a free loaner in time of despair, it’s definitely worth the price.