Without proper training, a janitor can use a pad incorrectly, leading not only to wasted product, but also possible damage to floors. For example, mounting a pad incorrectly onto a machine can cause premature wear on the pad and swirling on the floor.

Cleaning personnel often need training on how long to use a floor pad. If they don’t use both sides of the pad, they are wasting money. And, if they use the pad too long, it may no longer be effective. Worse, if they overuse it to the point where driver bristles begin poking through the worn pad, the machine can scrape and damage the floor.

If a pad is soiled beyond cleaning or if it’s not functioning properly anymore, or if it is thinner than half of its original thickness, it’s time to change it.

It is also important that cleaning personnel remove pads after use to avoid costly mistakes. For example, if a worker leaves a black stripping pad on a machine at night, the results could be disastrous if the next user sets out to buff or scrub the floor without changing the pad.