Before taking on cleaning tasks with pressure washing equipment, it is important to first understand how to care for and use the equipment. In this case, a reader has been assigned a new task of pressure washing the concrete pads of an outside space in an effort to remove dirt, oil and mold build up. Before starting the task, I'd suggest the following.

Using a pressure washer should only be pursued by an experienced person who understands the risks involved. Proceed with caution. As to operating a gas powered unit that produces 2,000 psi, the operator should check the gasoline level (visually since there is no gauge), verify the oil level and connect all the hoses correctly. There are two types of hoses: 1) the water inlet connected to a water faucet and 2) high pressure hoses that are connected to a wand with the appropriate pressure tip. Make sure to use the correct type of gasoline which may restrict the use of unleaded gasoline and/or premium. Both types can cause damage to many small engines. Always use extreme caution and only fill in a well ventilated area.

Also verify that if you need to add oil that you use the correct weight as well and use caution not to overfill the crank case. Since this type engine only requires a small amount of oil, be careful not to overfill. Do not crank the engine until you have water connected as well as connecting the pressure hoses and the spray handle with the appropriate tip. Most of the pressure hose and tips will have a slip type brass connector for a secure connection. Find the on switch and turn it to Run. Adjust the choke for the starting process. Release any water pressure from the handle. Pull aggressively on the pull crank and if it starts, turn back the choke. We will look at operating the pressure washer in a future article.

Always follow manufacturer's directions carefully.

Your comments and questions are important. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean...

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