This article is part two of a series about a composite floor deteriorating because of improper use of cleaning chemicals.

As we researched this product we learned that it was installed incorrectly and has been maintained against the manufacturer’s directions. The first challenge is to safely remove the 25 percent finish which has been applied over prior coats of finish. This has resulted in sealing in damaged/dirty finish, which may prove very difficult to remove without further damage to the flooring in question.

The floor techs claim that they were “following instructions” when they performed a light scrub of the floor and then applied up to seven coats of this heavy finish in small offices that cannot be burnished. They indicated that “someone” had directed them to mix a little stripper in their neutral cleaning solution, which over time is damaging the floor finish even more. Upon inspection, several rooms indicate a severe buildup of finish along the walls and corners as well as partial/full coating of the baseboards. There is evidence of hair, lint, soil and even bugs being “waxed” into the floor and edges.

A reading of the finish product label indicates that it can be removed by using the recommended mix of stripper and an aggressive pad. This process goes against the floor manufacturer’s directions since it will result in severe damage to the floor including loss of color, loss of the top protective surface and radically reduced useful life of the floor itself.

In the next article we will discuss the need to carefully test various chemicals, pads and processes to determine the safest, more effective way of restoring the floor.

We will continue this subject in a future article. Your comments and questions are important. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean...

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