Cleaning restrooms is not easy. Getting behind fixtures requires janitors to get down on their hands and knees and up close and personal with harmful germs and bacteria. Touch-free cleaning systems such as pressure washing or vapor/steam cleaning units can change that. These systems, generally on rolling carts, save time, clean more efficiently and protect employees from strong chemicals and contaminated surfaces.

Pressure washing systems utilize an indoor pressure washer, chemical mixing system and dispenser and a built-in wet vac or squeegee. These systems first apply chemicals to various restroom surfaces, from walls to floor, then spray at high pressures to dislodge soil and finally a wet vac picks up the water and dries the floor or a squeegee pushes water to the floor drain.

Steam cleaning systems heat water to high temperatures and release steam to loosen debris. A wiper over the steam head absorbs steam then the operator uses a wiper cloth to remove dirt.