Commercial floor mats have come a long way from the plain one-colored mats of yesterday. In fact, today’s entrance matting has become highly visible as manufacturers now create customized products to fit in with the design motif of a company.

Custom logo mats are widely used by businesses to send a message or advertise a brand name on the first place people look when they enter a building. They provide an instant greeting and make a strong first impression on customers and clients, promoting brand recognition.

But creative logo placement is just one of the ways facilities can use custom made mats to enhance their business operation. Quality floor mats also go a long way toward improving indoor air quality and safety in commercial applications. A well-used entryway matting system can trap and hold dirt and allergens, preventing their spread into the rest of the building, significantly improving IAQ and reducing the need for extensive cleaning.

These matting systems offer bi-level construction, which means soils, contaminants, and moisture — all of which contribute to poor indoor air quality — are kept below the walking surface of the mat. Thus, contaminants are trapped beneath the surface until the mat is vacuumed or cleaned.