End users often believe that if a little ice melt does a good job, than more must do a better job. However, less is usually more when it comes to ice melt. Overusing ice melt can lead to the product being unnecessarily tracked into the facility and it may also burn the vegetation beneath or around where the product is used. Ice melt manufacturers say excessive application rates do not improve performance. In fact, ice melt actually dissolves in liquid and spreads out with normal use. So, it is essential for cleaners to read application instructions before using ice melt as every product is different. The product’s packaging should list recommended quantities to assist in determining the amount needed for a particular area. Manufacturers recommend applying ice melt using a handheld fertilizer spreader for smaller areas or a walk-behind spreader for large areas. Scoops and shovels almost always cause overuse, whereas a spreader ensures the product is applied evenly. To make application even easier, colored ice melters are available to help users see if they are over applying.