Even if a tile floor is properly protected, it is still important to set up a two-pronged attack to keep it looking its best. By combining daily maintenance with periodical heavy-duty cleanings, any tile floor can maintain its integrity. Daily maintenance involves cleaning up everyday spills while heavy-duty cleaning helps get rid of deep stains, odors and residue.

It is recommended that facilities take care of spills within 12 hours or risk staining. Clean tile floors with water and a neutral cleaner every day, more often if necessary, based on traffic.

On a quarterly basis, do a heavy-duty cleaning with an alkaline-type cleaner. Never use acid-based cleaners on grouted tile floors as it eats away at the grout. Also, find out the history of the floor. For example, if a floor has been treated with a coating, it will be difficult to clean stains under the finish. An easy test can be done by dripping a few drops of water onto the grout. If it soaks in, the grout likely hasn’t been treated. If it beads up, it has, so it will be necessary to strip the coating before cleaning the grout.