There are two advanced Green floor refinishing options, one of which incorporates the use of microfiber flat mop systems, no touch spray and vacuum units along with high speed cylindrical brush or oscillating pad type floor machines. These tools employ the latest technology and are user friendly, reducing the amount of time and labor needed to remove floor finish. In addition, when used properly, advanced floor re-finishing methods can provide vastly superior results when compared to conventional methods. 


• Dilute stripping solution as per the directions and dispense into buckets.

• Pour the stripping solution onto the floor. The Technician must wear safety stripping boots.

• Begin spreading stripper solution using the microfiber flat mop. The flat mop and adjustable handle will be light to use and the Technician will be able to handle this tool effectively.

• Move the flat pad from the floor to the baseboard, working to remove finish buildup from the baseboard without the need for edging tools.

• Return to the floor with microfiber flat mop and continue to work stripping solution into finish until it is easy to walk on floor.

• Using the cylindrical unit and brushes, move across the floor until all finish is emulsified and is completely liquefied.

• Using the no-touch units vacuum, remove the liquefied finish followed by using the spray gun from the no-touch unit to rinse edges and baseboards, removing remaining finish, buildup and soils. 

• After the baseboards and edges are sprayed clean, vacuum up the water, grit and loose finish that was removed. Adjust the nozzle on the gun to a spray and apply rinse water to the complete floor area, then vacuum.

• Test floor with pH paper for neutrality.  Pour water on the floor the size of a dinner plate and after 2 minutes, put pH paper in the water.  The pH should be no more than 7.5. 

• The floor is now ready for certified Green finish.


David Thompson is a 40-year veteran of the cleaning industry and author of “The New Generation of Cleaning”, a best Practices Guide for Environmental Health Services. Thompson is also president of the Green Clean Institute. His book can be found at while the GCI coursework and certification courses have a home at