Brooms and brushes are often an impulse purchase and end users are not going to spend a lot of time researching them. When a building service contractor or in-house service provider needs a broom or brush, they’re more likely to swing by the nearest big-box retailer than call up their distributor. But with the right approach, distributors can make sure they don’t lose out on the sale of these great margin-boosting products. Being proactive is a good start. When on a sales call, check out the conditions of the customer’s brooms and brushes. If the products appear worn and frayed, mention the solutions your company offers. Brooms and brushes are typically purchased as an afterthought to chemicals and equipment. So when contractors and in-house professionals visit the distribution center, have brooms in plain sight so it’s easier for them to make an impulse decision to buy some. It’s also important to find out as much information about your customers’ needs and budget parameters as possible. For example, if you offer 20 different brushes, explain the difference among them and identify which ones will answer the customer’s current problem and still fit his price range. And don’t forget to demonstrate the product in action. Show how new features compare side-by-side with outdated products.