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Contributing Content to CleanLink

CleanLink is always interested in publishing articles written by industry experts — either practitioners or consultants — who wish to share their expertise and experience with cleaning industry professionals.

The editorial content of CleanLink deals specifically with management issues, best practices, insights and strategies for cleaning industry professionals.

Our mission is to provide timely information and industry insights to BSCs, distributors and in-house cleaning management decision makers to aid them in their ongoing duties.

To that end, we are particularly interested in publishing stories that identify current trends, report industry news, or offer solutions* to challenges that our readers face.

*Please note solutions should not be brand-specific. Manufacturers please refer to product submissions.

Guidelines for article submission

Proposal: Before you submit a completed article to CleanLink for consideration, we ask that you please provide a brief (200 words or fewer) synopsis of the topic you propose to cover in the article. Proposals can be emailed to Corinne Zudonyi, digital brand editor, at corinne.zudonyi@tradepressmedia.com.

Published articles will be subject to editorial review and discretion, and will be exclusive to CleanLink. Generally, articles should be 800 words or fewer.

Guidelines for product submission

We are eager to hear from manufacturers about new products and product improvements, as well as case studies in which a specific product was used to resolve a challenge for a healthcare client.

Please send your product press releases and case studies (including photos) for consideration to corinne.zudonyi@tradepressmedia.com.

Image/Photo guidelines

Photos are required for all product submissions and strongly recommended for submitted articles. They should be 72 dpi and should be submitted in a .JPEG format. Please be sure to include captions and photo credit information. They can be submitted via email to corinne.zudonyi@tradepressmedia.com.