Manufacturers of ride-on autoscrubbers are continually incorporating safety features such as locking mechanisms for use on inclines, emergency stop buttons, dynamic brakes and automatic kill switches. However, safety ultimately lies in the hands of the operator.

Drivers should also be tall enough to reach the machine’s pedals and see over the dashboard. Just like driving an automobile, operators need to be attentive at all times, especially if other workers or building occupants are present.

Users should always wear their lap safety belts, which will help keep them anchored in the seat when making a turn. Operators should also be aware that a machine’s center of gravity changes during use. Cleaning solution starts out low inside the machine, which provides better stability, but as it transfers to a higher-up recovery tank, the unit becomes more top-heavy. Because of this change, it’s critical that operators take caution when maneuvering corners and ramps or the machine could tip over.