The life expectancy of microfiber will depend on the care that is given to the cleaning and storage of the product. That said, if cared for properly, microfiber can be laundered anywhere from 100 to 500 times — a significant advantage over competitive products.

Laundering microfiber isn’t much different than washing other cleaning products. As long as detergents have an overall pH lower than 11, which is standard in most detergents, any soap can be used in the cleaning process. While washing, though, steer clear of harsh bleaches, which will break down the fibers and hinder the microfiber’s effectiveness.

It is important also to remember that microfiber should be washed in temperatures that do not exceed 200 degrees. For drying, you want a temperature between 130 and 140 degrees, max. Temperatures higher than these could potentially harm the product.

Finally, it is important to be conscious of what other products are included in the wash load with microfiber. Although there are no restrictions as to what can and can’t be washed with microfiber, you’ll want to steer clear of fabric softeners and those fabrics that are prone to lint. Microfiber may collect particles from these products during the cleaning process, clogging up the crevices in the cloth. Softeners might also reduce and possibly eliminate the static charge that makes microfiber effective.