Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have high potential for cross-contamination. Some laws require custodians to change out mop heads and buckets after cleaning each patient room in an effort to prevent the spread of disease. Using bucketless microfiber flat mops is one tool cleaning professionals can use to meet the stringent requirements without having to spend time and energy making trips back to the janitor’s closet or lifting heavy buckets between rooms. Bucketless flat mops differ from traditional flat mopping systems where new, pre-moistened mop heads soak in a bucket. Instead, squeezable bottles, chemical reservoirs or attachable chemical-filled pouches are affixed to the mop handle and manually dispense chemical onto the floor with a push of a button. Once mop heads become soiled, they can be easily changed since they are attached by a Velcro system. Since the mopping system works without water, facility managers appreciate that only fresh chemical is being used to clean the floor. These mops also have the potential for significant labor savings for end users by boosting worker productivity. Mops can clean between 8,000 and 10,000 square feet of hospital space before needing to be refilled with chemical.