One of the most common injuries for both janitorial workers and building occupants are the results of slips, trips and falls. Slips occur when there is too little traction between shoes and the walking surface.

Oftentimes, a wet surface — from weather, spills, or the cleaning process — is responsible for occupant slips, so it is important to immediately erect proper signage to notify occupants of the situation, and to clean and dry the surface soon as possible. In addition to signage urging caution or avoidance, using appropriate cleaning chemicals for specific flooring types will ensure the floor is providing good traction for those walking on it, rather than being sticky or slippery.

Most tile, vinyl and stone floors should be wet mopped with neutral cleaner that dries quickly and leaves no residue. Hardwood floors are also dry and wet mopped daily. In some cases, wet floors are squeegeed, which is an extremely fast and effective method of removing cleaning solution and water in situations in which air-drying is not preferred.