In the United States, the standard for floors is to be high-gloss and wet looking. While the look can be dazzling, the process is time-consuming, labor intensive and expensive. Every night janitors must damp mop the floor. Plus, floors need to be routinely buffed to bring back the shine. And on occasion, a specialty crew will strip and refinish the floors to make them look new again.

However, there is an alternative way. In Europe, floor care is the opposite of the United States. Most European facilities prefer a non-wet look. Often this is done for budgetary reasons. Non-wet floors may look duller, but they are not any less clean.

With building owners and facility managers looking to conserve money, cleaning professionals may want to consider offering a European approach to floor care. Daily spray buffing with a high-speed machine along with some occasional intensive scrubbing is a lot cheaper than stripping and refinishing floors. Spray buffing is generally easier to learn, too, so cleaning crews won’t need to hire specialists to handle floor care work.