One of the most effective ways for janitors to prevent cross contamination is to change cleaning equipment for each new area or room that they clean. Whether in a school, hotel or hospital, minimizing exposure from one room to the next can go a long way in eliminating cross-contamination.

To facilitate this transition, cleaners are advised to use tools such as divided mop buckets that separate clean water from dirty water. Utilizing this technique, germs are less likely to find their way back to the floor after mopping. And using microfiber in conjunction with these buckets takes cross-contamination prevention one step further.

Incorporating microfiber flat mops means cleaners can carry a stock of these light-weight products on their cleaning carts, changing heads between every room and minimizing back-and-forth trips to the janitor closet. Microfiber mops featuring built-in chemical dispensers are another option in cross-contamination prevention.