In the next few articles we are going to look at different aspects of workloading, scheduling, job cards, quadrant cleaning and using the right equipment. One of the key parts of a well designed Job Card is the Quadrant Cleaning aspect. 

Quadrant Cleaning in its simplest form is to determine what tasks need to be performed once per week, rather than daily. An example is that in many cases dusting does not need to be performed every night but should be scheduled so that all areas are hit (1/4 per night) to maintain the area free of dust. Daily dusting of many areas is simply a waste of time; whereas dusting whenever the mood strikes is not good either. 

A well-meaning worker may decide to do all of his/her dusting on Friday night which is not best practices for a couple of reasons. First, it is unwise to dust Friday night since the areas will probably be dusty on Monday due to building settling and other factors. Another reason is that by putting off this task to the end of the week, it increases the chances of the work not getting done and accumulation occurs.

It is usually recommended that a four-day (assuming five day per week service) Quadrant Cleaning schedule be utilized. The building/area is broken into four equal quadrants (this may be SF or degree of difficulty) so that on Monday, not only is the regular cleaning conducted such as pulling trash but also the worker conducts detailed dusting. The other three quadrants are simply cleaned until their assigned day comes up. By doing this, most areas will be kept dust free with documentation as to when the work was performed. 

If work is performed less than five days per week, supervision may need to adjust the Quadrant Cleaning schedule accordingly. 

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