As more businesses, school districts and government agencies enact environmentally preferable purchasing programs and other green cleaning requirements, end users will need to find ways to comply. Microfiber products can help cleaners do so.

One goal of green is the attempt to reduce the amount of chemicals used in cleaning. Microfiber helps achieve this goal because its inherent properties mean fewer chemicals need to be used when compared to traditional cloth products.

In some instances, chemicals can be eliminated all together. On surfaces such as windows or mirrors, microfiber will be just as effective at cleaning when used dry or with water.

Although no third party certifies microfiber as a “green” product, its benefits certainly contribute to green, sustainable and healthy cleaning goals. Microfiber towels and mops can earn credits toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, while some states advocate for microfiber in their green cleaning guidelines. Also, most manufacturers of green chemicals recommend the use of microfiber for product application.

Many experts have commented that microfiber is one of the greenest, non-chemical tools available to the jan/san industry today.