It is always recommended that any hallway or area be maintained after most or preferably all of the occupants are gone for the night to reduce the risk of injury as well as restrict the ability to service the floor correctly.  

Sometimes this simply cannot be avoided due to the function of the building.  An example is a hospital which is used 24/7 cannot shut down for floor work in many of the high traffic areas.  Following are some suggestions to consider:

• Develop a comprehensive plan that will allow you take into account the best time to access the area.

• Identify a manageable area that can be handled by a one, two or three man crew within the time allotted.

• Identify all tools, chemicals (low odor) and equipment that will be needed.  

• Remember that time is of the essence so have everything ready for a quick start.

• This could include setting up mop buckets, mixing solution, setting up equipment, selecting warning signs and knowing where all the electrical outlets are.

• Although there are many types of systems available, you should have safety cones connected with safety ribbon to warn traffic away from the area.

• Consider using tape or other barriers to identify clearly what area is to be service and what area is to be protected.

• Tape or block any entrances/doorways to reduce re-work to repair carpet or hard floors in other room.

• Have a damp cloth ready to wipe any splashes immediately.

• Use low odor chemicals preferably that are no rinse and apply the solution sparingly to minimize seepage. 

• Consider utilizing an orbital type scrubber that tends to be less messy than a rotary.

• Utilize a wet vac system to remove slurry and assist with floor drying.

• Allow for drying time once floor is cleaned and rinsed.

• Apply finish when appropriate so that this side is completely done.

• Allow sufficient time for finish to cure before allowing any foot traffic.

• Once complete, repeat process on other side using same procedures with goal of blending in the two sides.

This type work requires knowledgeable workers who are flexible and can adjust as the work proceeds. 

Your comments and questions are always welcome.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Until then, keep it clean…..


Mickey Crowe has been involved in the industry for over 35 years. He is a trainer, speaker and consultant. You can reach Mickey at 678.314.2171 or