It should be noted that microfiber flat mops have proven very successful in restroom maintenance with the double bucket system (and butterfly mop handle) since the fibers collect soils in the grout lines that a traditional thick mop strand would miss or pass over. One key is using the correct microfiber texture for the floors being cleaned. It should be noted that some flat mops will stick like Velcro to the wrong floor surface indicating the need to experiment until the best match is found.  

Some variations are used extensively in hospital patient rooms where a fresh pre-moistened mop head is used only once before being laundered thereby reducing the possibility of cross contamination. Benefits include lower water usage and less strain and fatigue due to the reduced weight of the handle and mop when compared to a traditional mop and handle.

Some units have a built in carafe to hold additional solution. Although this may work in some cases, replacement of the unit when it breaks can overcome any possible savings. Using a simple flat mop handle with a spray bottle of solution can accomplish the same task at lower costs.

An important key is to match up the microfiber flat mop system to the type floor being cleaned.  There are units designed for specific type areas (such as a hospital room) that would not be effective or efficient in a hallway or rest room or gym floor.  

Try to think outside the box and do not get locked into a “one size/type fits all” mindset. Be careful that your vendor/distributor is helping you achieve your goals and not simply selling you what he/she has in stock.

Your comments and questions are always welcome.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Until then, keep it clean…..

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