There are a number of ways to prevent the spread of germs when cleaning a restroom. First is to kill any germs with disinfectant cleaners. But in order to achieve proper disinfection, it is important that cleaning personnel follow label directions, which include specifics on how the product is to be applied, as well as the length of dwell time it should remain on surfaces.

Another cross-contamination preventative measure includes using a color-coded system when cleaning. With a system like this, microfiber towels that are one color can be used for cleaning toilets, while a different color can be reserved for cleaning other items such as sinks. This type of system ensures that cleaning personnel also don’t use any of these tools outside the restroom.

Touch-free cleaning is another method that reduces the risks of cross-contamination. With these systems, cleaning personnel never have to touch a contaminated surface. Instead, users clean with an all-in-one machine featuring a pressure washer, chemical injection and a wet-dry vacuum.