Floor pads are available in different sizes, shapes and colors, each one serving a particular function. When it comes to coloring, each pad is designated a different color based on its aggressiveness. The lighter the color, the less aggressive the pad and vice versa.

Light-colored pads are used for polishing, buffing and burnishing. For example, white pads, which have little or no abrasive material in them are good for polishing clean, dry floors, and tan pads, used for dry buffing and light cleaning, remove light scuffmarks and dirt while polishing floors.

Red pads are a little more abrasive and have different synthetic resin combinations, which keep the fibers and resins together. They remove light scuffmarks and dirt while producing a smooth, glossy finish. Blue pads are used for wet scrubbing or heavy-duty spray cleaning and they aggressively remove heavy dirt and scuff marks. Green pads are utilized for heavy-duty wet scrubbing or light stripping. They remove dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled floors.

Dark-colored pads have coarse fibers and are used for scrubbing and stripping. Brown pads are designed for wet or dry stripping, while black pads are for heavy-duty wet stripping. They each aggressively remove wax, dirt and finish.

When selecting a floor pad, cleaning personnel must make sure they have selected the appropriate pad before use, as the more aggressive the pad, the more easily it can damage the floor surface.