Because microfiber flat mopping systems are lighter in weight — roughly three pounds when wet — than traditional cotton loop mops, which can weigh anywhere from eight to 10 pounds when wet, they are proven to reduce worker fatigue and possible injuries from mopping.

Composed of lightweight aluminum, flat mopping systems eliminate the extra weight and stress that are put on a custodian’s body while mopping with a traditional mop and bucket system. Flat mops also maneuver better than their traditional counterparts and come with built-in extensions, so workers don’t have to stoop when mopping a floor.

Because newer flat mopping systems don’t call for a bucket and ringer, custodians are given a pass on the fatiguing process of wringing out the mop. Every time a custodian dips a traditional loop mop into a bucket of water and lifts it up to the wringer, it takes a toll on his or her back. And, if a lot of square footage needs to be cleaned, a custodian can be physically exhausted just from wringing out a mop, let alone the actual mopping of the floor.

Without a mop bucket, custodians also don’t have to make extra trips to the janitor’s closet to empty and replenish the 35-quart capacity or larger bucket of dirty water. When repeating this process, especially after mopping, custodians are more apt to throw their backs out or risk serious injury.