When offering window cleaning as an add-on service, the easiest course is to subcontract the job. The window cleaner performs the work under the building service contractor’s name so customers remain unaware of the arrangement.

With subcontracting, BSCs don’t have to buy the equipment, add salaries for specialized workers or pay high workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Liability, though not eliminated, is also significantly reduced. As an added benefit, when times are slow, BSCs don’t have to find additional janitorial work for the window cleaners or invest in marketing efforts to get more window clients.

When choosing a subcontractor to work with, BSCs may want to choose a smaller firm. Bigger companies are more likely to work for several BSCs and may not always put your needs first. It also can be a little uncomfortable when the subcontractor is also helping out the competition. Partnering with a smaller firm helps ensure exclusivity.