Some of the loudest machines used in the cleaning industry are floor machines – from vacuums to burnishers to scrubbers to extractors. With recent emphasis on cleaning for health and greener, lighter, more cost-effective machine parts, floor machines now on the market have been made to create less noise. Some, particularly vacuums, can even be used for day cleaning, with decibel output low enough to not disturb building occupants. The average noise level in offices is between 64 and 68 decibels, and vacuums can operate at 70 decibels or lower. Some auto scrubbers and burnishers on the market also produce under 70 decibels. These are less likely to be used in office settings and would be used in airports, schools and other facilities where machine noise is also a nuisance issue. Low-decibel floor equipment can also be used to earn a point towards the USGBC’s LEED certification.