Microfiber technology has helped create efficiencies for cleaners and the evolution of flat and dust mops has been widely accepted by the jan/san market. A dense material composed of minute synthetic fibers, microfiber can get into small cracks and crevices, cleaning more thoroughly than other cotton or rayon mops. The positively charged fibers attract dust and can hold up to eight times their weight in dirt and water.

Cleaners also revel in knowing that microfiber can clean effectively using only water, minimizing and sometimes eliminating expensive chemicals from their cleaning. Flat mops also withstand hundreds of launderings without weathering — a claim traditional cotton mops can not make. Microfiber can also be color-coded to help reduce cross-contamination and lightweight for easy changing between areas of the facility — a feature that is particularly important in the healthcare and food service industries.

To further meet the individual needs of cleaning crews, newer microfiber mops come in a variety of sizes, shapes and systems to match the application and the size of the end user.