Laying floor finish is one application where cleaning personnel have embraced the use of microfiber. That’s because with traditional string mops, users have a difficult time applying thin, even coats of finish. Plus, after mopping new finish onto the floor, lint from the mop often gets embedded into the floor finish.

With microfiber, because it’s lint-free, end users are assured that the labor they spend on applying a new coat of finish is time well spent. Also, because microfiber is so absorbent and it can hold a vast amount of finish, it delivers a smooth release and gets the job done quicker and with less hassle. Microfiber is also ideal in tight corners and near floorboards as it does not leave excess finish in these areas.

In regards to weight, microfiber is a fraction of that of a traditional mop, saving time, while reducing stress on the custodial worker. In fact, manufacturers tout that one can apply floor finish six times faster with a microfiber flat mop and each coat will be smoother and more even than if applied with a traditional string mop.