Re-pricing a contract due to either a change in the specifications such as square footage being cleaned or budget cuts involves all of the subjects we have dealt with in our recent workloading articles. One major challenge in re-pricing a contract identifying high priority (usually related to restrooms, touch points, etc.) that should be the last to change.

Lower priority tasks tend to be floor care since they are not touched directly by tenants and visitors. The challenge to reducing these tasks is to minimize the impact on IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) since the less often a floor (hard or carpet) is correctly serviced the more dust and other particulate matter is present. Utilizing HEPA type filtration systems correctly can aid the cleaner in dealing with AIQ. Another factor to consider is to re-train workers in slowing down and allowing equipment to do a better job of picking up more germ laden dust.

Higher priority items include restroom cleaning, break rooms, locker rooms, water fountains and any high touch areas (light switches, door handles, etc.) that can have a major impact on transmission of contagious diseases. The less often these areas are disinfected, the greater the risk of soil build up which can provide the perfect growth medium for pathogenic micro-organisms. 

Unfortunately most building managers are focused on the bottom line which means tasks and frequencies have to be reduced while productivity has to be increased. This usually results in fewer workers performing more tasks faster than may be safe or hygienic based on industry standards.

The reality is that the BSC needs to find creative ways of reducing labor while protecting the safety of tenants, visitors and their own employees. 

Your comments and questions are always welcome. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean…..


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