A janitorial cart is the equivalent of a janitor’s workspace or cubicle; everything they need to do their job should be within reach. But that means that some potentially dangerous chemicals are within reach of other building occupants as well.

In certain facilities, such as schools and hospitals, cleaning chemicals can be knocked off the cart by rambunctious children or by passing medical equipment. In hospitals, sensitive populations such as the mentally ill or those with dementia or Alzheimers need to be protected from accidentally ingesting a cleaning chemical. In any facility, theft of supplies should be a concern.

On top of that, worker safety can be at risk if the cart isn’t loaded correctly, either by uneven weight which may cause the cart to tip, or by chemical bottles that are incorrectly stored.

Manufacturers have answered calls for higher security carts by providing storage compartments that close and lock, so that janitors can go about their work — and even leave the cart unattended for short periods of time — knowing their chemicals are safe.