The single most preventative measure a facility can employ to keep its floors in good standing order throughout the winter months is a high performance matting system.

Matting systems minimize the tracking of contaminants such as ice melt, soil and moisture into a facility by stopping it at the door. High-quality matting systems also store soil for easier removal and help reduce slip-and-fall accidents that may occur on hard surface floors.

Matting manufacturers recommend that at least 15 feet of matting be used by a facility to remove the majority of dirt and debris from foot traffic that enters a building. Starting from outside the door, 15 feet of matting ensures that each foot will make contact with the matting at least three times, while providing adequate scraping and drying to stop any contaminants at the door. Essentially, the goal is for no ice melt, soil or moisture to be left on footwear beyond the last mat.

Without an effective matting system in the winter, facilities will be faced with higher maintenance costs, the floor finish will be more difficult to maintain and other areas in the building will have to be cleaned more frequently.