The use of microfiber hand wipers are a significant step in the right direction when it comes to the removal of biofilms on surfaces. However, even the microfiber wipers leave the surface with a small amount of solution causing a biofilm. Green Cleaning services will find that ‘hand trowels’, which can be up to 7 inches long and typically are 4 to 5 inches wide which have a “hook” or Velcro design on the face of the trowel to hold a microfiber pad, are the most effective when paired with the proper pad and hand squeegee. 

Microfiber pads with a “looped” or “3D” cleaning surface perform best for soil and contaminate retention on both smooth and textured surfaces. Utilizing these type of pads and the hand squeegee is the “Best Practice” method in Green Cleaning for above the floor surfaces, remove contaminates and food sources from a surface in the most productive manor, producing the lowest measurable levels.

When used properly, they process will remove more contaminates from surfaces than any other method. This can very quickly and easily can be verified by the use of an ATP meter, which any professional service should employ when promoting Green Cleaning services.


• Spray the surface with approved cleaning/sanitizing or disinfecting solution via a pump-up sprayer; quart spray bottle.

• Be sure to spray the surface completely and allow solution to dwell for the amount of time required by the product’s manufacturer.

• Agitate the solution on the surface with microfiber pad, leaving the surface visibly wet.

• Using a single bladed hand squeegee, remove the remaining moisture from the surface, pulling it into a microfiber cloth or pad.

• Place soiled microfiber cloths and pads in a bag to be laundered.

This process is the best methodology for employing the “pH and physical” removal principal on above the floor surfaces, which can be measured and marketed by any Green Cleaning operation.

David Thompson is a 40-year veteran of the cleaning industry and author of “The New Generation of Cleaning”, a best Practices Guide for Environmental Health Services. Thompson is also president of the Green Clean Institute. His book can be found at while the GCI coursework and certification courses have a home at