On top of choosing the correct colored floor pad, cleaning personnel also need to pick the proper composition type — synthetic or natural fiber.

Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester create softer pads and are best used at low speeds for scrubbing or stripping with wet solutions. These can be used for burnishing applications, but they will take longer than natural fiber pads to remove scratches and black marks and give the floor its proper gloss.

Natural fiber pads use hog hair, coconut, walnut and other natural materials to create coarser, more aggressive pads. Natural fiber pads are best used for ultra high-speed burnishing jobs. Hog bristle works best when burnishing because it is hollow, which allows it to heat up and cool down easily. Heavy hair is able to generate a lot of heat, allowing cleaning personnel to burnish hard waxes efficiently. However, users should be aware that high-hair content can create a burning hair odor when used with high-speed applications.