It’s no surprise that sales of floor care equipment have been down the last couple of years while repairs, rentals and leases are up. When housekeeping managers must justify every expense to a board or building owner, it’s tough to argue that a new equipment purchase is a good investment vs. spending a few hundred dollars to get their current piece of equipment repaired.

In order to justify bringing in a new piece of equipment, end users must be able to document efficiencies with each piece of equipment. Sticking with an antiquated machine may actually cost more in the long run than the initial expense of a new, more efficient machine.

When your equipment is being repaired, ask your distributor for an honest assessment of the life of the machine. If the machine is on it’s last leg and appears to be too costly to fix, use that time to save up for new equipment or if you can’t pay for a new machine outright, consider a leasing program that allows for you to take possession of the machine while paying for it in monthly installments.