Buying based on price, not performance, is an all-to-common mistake made by end users. Trying to save money upfront is shortsighted, as cheap floor pads actually cost cleaning companies more in the long run than their higher-quality counterparts.

For example, a well-built black stripping pad can cover upwards of 50,000 square feet if cared for properly, while a lower-quality black pad is unlikely to cover even 10,000 square feet.

Lower quality pads also don’t work as well as quality materials, which means it takes longer to properly maintain the same amount of flooring. Thus, cleaners should instead invest in a quality pad that saves money on labor and other products, such as chemicals in the stripping process.

For example, cleaners can purchase an expensive maroon pad that can strip floors without chemicals. Even though the pad costs significantly more upfront than a traditional pad, end users will reap long-term savings by purchasing fewer chemicals and needing less time to complete the stripping process.