For years, autoscrubbers and carpet extractors by their lonesome have made floors shine and kept carpets clean. Today, cleaning personnel have access to a floor cleaning machine known as a combination scrubber-extractor that can clean both soft and hard surfaces.

With these machines, cleaning staffs can use one machine to scrub hard floors and pre-spray and extract carpets. A push of a button switches the unit from pre-spraying to extracting mode while a quick tool change readies it for hard-surface cleaning.

Tough economic times have facilities taking a closer look at how to stretch their already thin budgets. Combination machines such as these saves money because facilities get two complete machines for a price that’s comparable to one.

Combination machines can also reduce labor, which makes up the largest chunk of any cleaning crew’s budget. The ability to switch from hard floors to carpets within seconds takes less time than putting an extractor away when finished with carpets and bringing out an autoscrubber to clean hard floors.