The traditional method of mopping a floor is being challenged by the emergence of bucketless microfiber flat mopping systems.

With a bucketless microfiber mopping system, custodians are able to quickly and easily change a soiled microfiber pad, which is held on by velcro, after cleaning a room. This is a vast improvement over the lengthy and messy battles custodians used to have with dirty loop mops.

Custodians also don’t have to make frequent visits to the janitor’s closet throughout their shift to dump and refill the mop bucket with water and chemical. That’s because the bucketless systems do not require a mop bucket or water.

Bucketless systems differ in comparison to traditional flat mopping bucket systems, which require microfiber pads to soak in a bucket of fresh chemical. The latest versions of bucketless systems introduced by manufacturers come with built-in chemical dispensing mechanisms. Current models either are constructed to work with squeezable bottles, chemical reservoirs or attachable chemical-filled pouches that allow end users to manually dispense fresh chemical onto the floor with a push of a button on the mop handle. Thus, facilities are given the satisfaction that only fresh chemical is being distributed on the floor.

Popular in healthcare settings to prevent cross-contamination, these systems have the potential to be a huge labor, cost savings and productivity booster for end users no matter the facility they service.