This is Lisa Ridgely, deputy editor of Contracting Profits, and today’s CleanLink Minute is about waste reduction on janitorial carts.

Waste — be it water, chemical or paper waste — only adds to the weight and volume being carried on a janitorial cart. Janitorial carts that help to reduce waste not only help the environment, but also make the cleaning process more efficient from start to finish.

Using microfiber cloths, which are laundered, not thrown away like paper towels, are the most common way to produce less waste. Janitorial carts come equipped with storage space for clean cloths and a laundry bag for used cloths.

Microfiber flat mop heads for damp mopping helps utilize chemicals and water, as the mop heads can sit, rolled up or stacked flat, in a small charging bucket filled with solution. Janitors replace mop heads with clean ones from the charging bucket when mops are dirty or upon entering a new room, so there is no messy dunking and straining of the mop in a large, heavy, sloshing mop bucket.

Compact janitorial carts encourage the use of multi-purpose cleaners, which save valuable chemical storage space. For most types of uses, a multi-purpose cleaner, paired with disinfectant, is sufficient.