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Infection Control

Reports Identify Where Germs Reside In Food Service

CASE STUDY: Medical Center Reduces C.diff Infections by 29 Percent

How The Food Service Industry Can Help Prevent Norovirus Outbreaks

Flu Survey Reveals More Managers Encourage Sick Staff to Stay Home

Reports Reveal The Ebb And Flow of Superbug Infections

Super Bug Kills Nearly 15,000 People A Year

CASE STUDY: UV Installation Cuts HVAC Maintenance Costs and Increases IAQ for Hospice

Prevent Cross-Contamination With New Fabric

Increased Number Of Hospitals Lose Funding Due To HAIs

Potential Cure For MRSA Found By Researchers

Report Outlines Progress Made In Infection Control

Reduce Infection With Sealed TV Remotes In Guest And Patient Rooms

Infection Prevention Tips for Cleaning Professionals

Four Tips for Fighting Cold And Flu Outbreaks In The Workplace

CDC Declares Flu An Epidemic

Understand How Long Pathogens Can Live And How To Kill Them

St. Louis Natives Set Out To Reduce HAIs

CASE STUDY: Hospital Invests in Bacteria-Killing Copper to Reduce Infections

Six Tips to Combat Cold and Flu Season

Infections Causing Public Health Concern

Study: “Grossest” Hygiene-Related Office Behavior

EPA Releases Disinfectants For Use Against Ebola Virus

Case Study: Ice Arena Reduces Risk Of MRSA, Other Bacteria With Antimicrobial Fixtures

Threat Of Ebola Down As Final Patient Is Released

Virus Outbreaks Become A Workplace Concern

Survey: 60 Percent Of Employees Go To Work With The Flu

Diversey Care Offers Solutions to Combat Ebola

Help Stop Transmission of Enterovirus D68

OSHA Announces Guidelines for Cleaning and Decontamination of Ebola

Ebola Facts And Prevention Tips

CDC Releases Health Care Facility Preparedness Checklist for Ebola

Nine Restroom Cleaning Tips That Prevent Against Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases

Scientist’s Secret Weapon To Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections

Enterovirus D68 Causes Alarm In Midwest

CASE STUDY: Johns Hopkins Uses UV Light Decontamination System To Kill Hospital-acquired Bacteria

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