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Another fresh batch of storylines dominated the most viewed CleanLink News Stories for 2021. Most notably among them is the emphasis on employee safety, with the top two articles being based on workplace safety and the importance of training properly, wearing protective equipment, double checking labels, and more. The increased number of cities either enforcing or proposing a higher minimum wage was notable as well, showing that frontline cleaning workers continue to voice their concerns about both proper pay and benefits from employers. Some other familiar storylines still made their way too, include big-scale distributor acquisitions and updates on the supply chain crisis.

Check out the links below for the top 10 news stories from June 2022. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you in the loop for the years to come!

- The CleanLink Staff

1. Top 5 OSHA Safety Violations From 2021

2. Chemical Mixup Leads to Children Drinking Floor Sealant at Summer Care Program

3. $22 Hourly Minimum Wage Proposed in Austin

4. Imperial Dade Acquires Connecticut-Based Distributor

5. BradyIFS Acquires Northeastern Distributor

6. Imperial Dade Acquires Alabama-Based Distributor

7. Minimum Wage Increases Announced for Chicago, Cook County

8. Supply Chain Crisis: What Cleaning Professionals Need to Know

9. 5 Must-Read Books for Cleaning Managers

10. Key Features, Capabilities of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners