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We’ve recently reported on several announcements of either minimum wage increases or newly-worked custodial contracts for union workers — indicating varying levels of progress toward giving full-time custodians a fair livable wage. Recent announcements out fo the Chicago area show more progress in this regard, although not quite as significant as other related wage hikes. 

As reported by NBC 5 Chicago, the minimum wage for non-tipped employees will rise from $13 per hour to $13.35, effective July 1. The raise, which was calculated via a formula created by the county’s minimum wage ordinance, applies to the following employees:

  • Any employee that has worked a minimum of two hours over a two-week span for any employer in the county
  • The employee worked for an employer with at least four workers on staff
  • The employer has an official business licensed certified by the county and facility for it


The City of Chicago has its own ordinance unrelated to Cook County. For Chicago, the rage increase for non-tipped workers elevates to $15.40 for larger employers (21 or more) and $14.50 for smaller employers. The hourly rates for both of these ordinances is higher than the overall state of Illinois standard, which is $12 per hour. As for that state-wide standard, it will be elevated to $13 hourly for non-tipped employees starting in 2023.