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* Restoring Damaged Grout In Restrooms

* Cleaning To Contract Specifications Don't Always Equal Great Results

* Floor Finishing Advice For Aging Surfaces

* Tip To Applying Floor Finish To VCT

* When Not to Apply Floor Finish

* Overcome Challenges To Stripping Old VCT Floors

* Keep Track Of Cleaning Specs

* Scrubbing Marble Floors

* Picking Equipment And Chemicals For Cleaning Marble Floors

* Post-construction Cleanup Of Marble Floors

* Shifting From High-Gloss To Matte Finish

* Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning

* The Cost Of Sharing Cleaning Equipment Across Multiple Accounts

* Tips For Purchasing Floor Cleaning Equipment

* How To Tell If Your Cleaning Equipment Is Making You Money

* Running A Cleaning Company Takes Bookkeeping Prowess

* Help With Pricing Granite Floor Care

* Calculating Floor Care Cleaning Times

* Proper Care of VCT Flooring

* Floor Care Q&A - Tips For Success

* Factors To Choosing The Best Floor Care Chemicals

* Pricing Carpet And Window Cleaning

* Temperature And Agitation Affect Cleaning Effectiveness

* What It Takes To Be A Cleaning Consultant

* Teaching Others How To Clean

* Local Cleaning Events Are Cheap And Beneficial Learning Opportunities

* Impact Of Advancements In Floor Equipment

* Evolution Of Buffers, Burnishers And Other Technologies

* Buffers, Burnishers and Other Technologies

* Accurately Describing Cleaning Times

* Find New Cleaning Business With Niche Services

* Don't Weigh Down Cleaning Supervisors With Extraneous Tasks

* Invest In Janitorial Supervisors With Outside Training And Education

* All Positions In A Cleaning Company Affect The Janitorial Staff

* Some Cleaning Chemicals And Floor Equipment Don't Mix

* A Poorly Trained Janitor Can Do Significant Damage

* Coping With Cleaning Market Downturns

* Most Common Janitor Injuries

* Training Tips To Using Equipment

* Training That Targets Worker Strengths And Weaknesses

* Training Workers To Safely Use Equipment

* Oscillating Machines Remove Floor Finish

* Using Automatic Scrubbers To Remove Grit And Soil

* Training Tips For Restoration Of A Hard Floor

* Training Tips On Proper Use of Autoscrubbers

* Training Tips For Maintaining Hard Floors

* Restoring Granite Floors

* Custodial Math And Determining Cleanable Space And Times

* Steps To Maintaining Equipment

* Developing Equipment Maintenance Check Lists

* Determining And Using Cleaning Times

* Cleaning Times That Work For You

* Testing Floors Prior to Cleaning

* How To Treat Streaking and Slippery Floors

* How To Fix and Clean Yellowing Floors

* Supervision, Training and Managing

* Prepping Floors For Finishes And Sealers

* Using Green Floor Care Products Properly

* Advice For Using Water-Based Strippers On Floors

* Tips To Strip And Recoat Hard Floors

* Hard Floor Care Basics - Heavy Regular Maintenance

* The Five Steps of Light Floor Maintenance

* Three Types of Dirt To Clean

* Standardize Cleaning Products and Equipment For Simplicity

* Stripping and Scrubbing Floors in High Traffic Hallways

* Choosing The Right Floor Mop For The Job

* Narrowing Down And Purchasing The Right Floor Mops

* Floor Care Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

* Using Improper Cleaning Terms Can Cause Surface Damage

* Cleaning Ceramic and Quarry Tiles

* Rotary Vs. Orbital Machines

* Equipment And Its Effect on ROI

* Features of a Battery Backpack

* Recharging Strategy for Battery-Powered Equipment

* Is Battery Powered Equipment Faster?

* Cleaning Grout With Steam Vapor

* Clean Two Surfaces With One Machine

* Battery Options For Floor Equipment

* Floor Equipment: Ride Out The Old, Or Buy New?

* Autoscrubbers Getting Smaller

* Consider Value Proposition When Buying Floor Care Equipment

* Vacuuming Hard Floors

* Cleaning Floors With Only Water

* Day Cleaning Floor Care Equipment

* Efficiencies With Floor Care Equipment

* Operator Safety For Ride-On Equipment

* Leasing Floor Care Equipment

* Floor Care Machine Maintenance

* Using Autoscrubbers To Clean Gym Floors

* Green Floor Care Equipment

* Vacuuming for health

* Chemical-Free Surface Cleaning

* Cleaning Floors With Steam Vapor

* Chemical-Free Floor Machines

* Steam cleaning

* Battery-powered autoscrubbers

* Quiet floor equipment

* Automatic Floor Machines

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* Wet/Dry World: New Innovations in Vacuums courtesy of ProTeam

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