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Stress on the supply chain has affected nearly every imaginable industry, and commercial cleaning is certainly no exception. While few distributors can imagine a more stressful period than the last 12 months when it comes to procuring supplies for clients, it's also served as a worthy test of fortitude and craftiness to find adequate solutions. Supply chains weren't the only topic of discussion, however. Internet of Things (IoT) technology, buying group considerations, and equipment care still garnered significant interest among readers throughout the year.

Check out our top 10 most viewed Sanitary Maintenance articles of the year for 2021, and here's to (hopefully) simpler times ahead!

-The CleanLink Staff

1. How The Pandemic Changed Jan/San Distribution — Distributors discuss industry trends, current challenges and strategies for moving forward 

2.  11 Tips To Crush Your Next Online Presentation — Preparation advice to save time and money on virtual calls

3. Jan/San Distributors Give Advice On Private Labeling Products — Experts discuss going into private labeling and what they found works

4. Benefits Of Restroom IoT Products — Connected restrooms help anticipate cleaning needs and improve user experience

5. How Distributors Can Manage Sustainability Requests — The demand for sustainable reporting is accelerating in the post-COVID world

6. How Distributors Benefit From Joining Buying Groups — Outlining the advantages to a group mentality

7. Building A Blueprint —  Cleaning And Disinfecting Strategies For 2021 And Beyond

8. How To Properly Charge Batteries — Distributors should consult on battery selection, maintenance and storage

9. Health Benefits Of Vacuum Cleaners — Manufacturers clear the air about the health benefits of vacuum cleaners

10. 2022 Is Here! — How To Hit Sales Goals In 2022