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While it’s understandable to set the bar high at the beginning of the year, it didn’t take long for distributors to hit the reset button on expectations in 2020. Purchasing and client service plans that would have seemed perfectly reasonable went up in smoke. Those who fared better were typically the ones putting a premium on worst-case scenarios — far before COVID-19 arrived.

With the supply chain severely restricted in many key areas like personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer and disinfectants, distributors were required to pivot and find alternative solutions for their customers — often playing the role of consultant as much as provider. Much of the top 15 Sanitary Maintenance articles for 2020 reflected these challenges and the unrelenting efforts of distributors to find solutions.

1. Essential Tools For The Essential Worker — The education and products customers need to battle COVID-19

2. Looking Ahead — Distributors discuss their biggest challenges and outline plans to overcome them

3. Introducing The WinnersSanitary Maintenance recognizes the 2020 Distributor Choice Award Winners

4. Superbugs In Sickness And In Health — No longer confined to healthcare facilities, antibiotic-resistant germs are infiltrating the community at large

5. 2020: A Year To Remember? — Answering these six questions will help gauge sales success 

6. Spotlight On Cleaning — Providing guidance and updates amid the pandemic

7. Soften Amazon’s Blow With ERP Software — By combining their famous customer service with ERP software, jan/san distributors have a recipe to beat the e-tailer

8. Strength In Numbers — Experts address how buying groups help distributors navigate changes in the industry

9. Lending A Hand — Distributors can double as consultants on protocols, products and safety

10. Giving Back To His Alma Mater — Zac Haines of DPA Buying Group returns to his alma mater to serve on the Board of Trustees

11. Make A Name For Yourself — When, why and how to go private label

12. The Cost Of Lithium — The pros and cons of lithium batteries in autoscrubbers 

13. Managing Marijuana Odors — Turning over a new leaf on technology, sales and distributor guidance

14. When To Go Robotic — Floor care equipment that can improve operational efficiencies

15. Leaning Into The Pandemic — Positioning salespeople in a slowing, digital-based economy