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Big players make big moves, and the commercial cleaning industry is no different in this regard. Looking back on the most viewed news stories from CleanLink over the month of July, the list is dominated by notable acquisitions from Imperial Dade and Solenis. RJ Schinner was also recognized for their growth, looking primed for more success down the road. It wasn't all just company headlines, however. Pennsylvania elevating its minimum wage for the first time in years caught the eye of cleaning professionals more than anything else. Green cleaning also got some recognition when it came to learning the top sustainable toilet paper brands, and also for learning what happens to plastic bottles after they are used.

Check out the complete list below for the best CleanLink had to offer, and be sure to check back in for daily news on all things cleaning!


The CleanLink Staff 

1. Pennsylvania Announces Minimum Wage Increase

2. Medline Names New CEO

3. Imperial Dade Expands to Dallas

4. 5 Facts About Surface Disinfectants

5. Imperial Dade Expands in Southern California

6. $200 Billion in COVID-19 Relief Fraud Estimated

7. Solenis Completes Diversey Acquisition

8. What Happens to Most Plastic Bottles After Use?

9. Which Toilet Paper Brands Are The Most Eco-Friendly?

10. RJ Schinner Named Future 50 Company