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While the start of a new year typically means a continuation of industry trends without much upheaval, the coronavirus pandemic flipped every conventional cleaning plan on its head in 2020. Facility cleaning managers who had their budgets, supplies and workloads locked in for the year were forced to pivot.

Finding new solutions was especially difficult as pandemic guidelines were evolving day-to-day, prompting managers to shift their budgets towards disinfectants, spraying technologies, personal protective equipment and more — with no guarantee of adequate supply. Much of the top 15 Facility Cleaning Decisions articles for 2020 reflected the dedication managers had to keeping pace with perpetual changes.

1. A Journey To Healthy Floor Programs — A real-world example of how polished concrete helped trim spending, improve health and add to green and sustainable initiatives

2. Reinforcing Chemical Protocol — Avoiding the financial and health-based ramifications of mishandled cleaners and disinfectants

3. Routine Cleaning Can Also Be New And Novel — Classic cleaning routines are made to fight coronavirus

4. Taking Stock: What’s In Your Closet? — University of Georgia shares how inventory management can improve cleaning efficiency

5. Cleaning: A Crucial Function Of Public Health — Now is the time for departments to shine

6. Coming Together In Challenging Times — Researching and reporting best practices amid the pandemic

7. Curative Cleaning Plan Combats Colds And Flu — Ramped-up cleaning practices and support from building occupants can slow the spread of pathogens

8. Evolving With EVS — As healthcare facilities pursue innovation, environmental services keep pace

9. Teaching Clean — Coronavirus stresses cleaning education

10. Targeting Hospital Acquired Infection Hotspots — Strategies for comprehensive and organized bedside decontamination

11. Adapting To COVID-19 Challenges — Strategies for training, managing supplies and maintaining morale

12. Embracing Clean Initiatives — Survey highlights facility manager perceptions on green cleaning and sustainability

13. Seeking Greener Pastures — Schools are turning to eco-friendly cleaning practices that benefit all

14. Hand Hygiene And COVID-19 — Even with face masks and social distancing, handwashing is key to containing viruses

15. Faces of the Frontline — When volunteers were needed for COVID-19 deep cleaning, Sheenda Hawkins, Paz Santibanez and Elsa Penate-Cortez stepped up